19 Things You (Do NOT) Know About Earrings

If you were asked to define earring without asking Mr. Google or Ms. Wikipedia, I’m sure you can. An earring is a piece of jewellery attached to the ear or to another external part of the ear – unlike clip earrings which are attached to the ear lobe.There are various ways an earring is used, that is your option and for whatever reason – you can. Nobody will question your preference and regardless of the size (like a pen, spoon, or a key) as long as you can carry it – with poise and fashion (of course).

What else do you not know about earrings? You might be surprised but there are astonishing facts and surprising descriptions that will enhance your knowledge and change your opinion about earrings. Enjoy the different takes from superstitious belief to symbolism and for the sake of fashion.

Hard Truths and Funny Impressions From the Past

In the earlier (yeah – the once upon a time) days earrings were used by men as an ornament (even in those days, some men are vain). It is also worn to show the hierarchy (higher class) of the user and this is a common practice in Siam Hill Tribes Egypt and Assyria. Social status symbol: slaves wear earrings (as markings) in ancient Rome while prostitutes wear earrings for embellishments in ancient Greece. Pearls (even to this day) were used by the rich to showcase their social status. For the affluent ladies from Greek and Roman empire,aside from pearls they are also wearing precious stones such as garnet, topaz, and sapphires.

4. The Catholic church stopped the use of earrings in the Middle Ages as any physical altercation (including ear piercing) is against the belief that a person is created in the image of God. BUT some (as expected) display disobedience by continued use of earrings. These are the famous pirates, thieves, and some lower class men (or even women).
5. Middle East started ear piercing in early 3,000 B.C. It was actually worn to show an outlander the identity of the wearer, such as the religious beliefs, political affiliation, and more importantly the social status. An earring can actually tell a story of the wearer.
6. Earrings are social labels. It can give a clear separation between pride and self-regard of those who are affluent, and those in the lower class which are branded as inferior or are forced to feel shame.

Why Use an Earring?
People of different backgrounds have their own unique way and convincing reasons to use earrings in expressing their views.

7. In earlier times, thieves used to wear earrings to show their aversion towards their people and the community. A pirate wearing an earring means he looted a ship – how frightening is that?
8. Ever wonder how boys were told to wear earrings? When a boy’s father is killed, his mother (now single) will put the earring on his left ear. If he is the only son, he is required to put the earring to his right ear.
9. The bloodline is preserved when a man (the last in his family) will wear earrings on both ears. He is also prohibited (by all means – as neighbors closely watches his move) to participate in war that can possibly eliminate his genealogy forever.

10. Today, we use earrings as accessories and for ornamental purposes – as what fashion dictates. It will aso showcase our preferences in art by the choices of materials we used. As earrings can be made of precious stones, metals, silver, gold, wood, and ceramics.
11. If you want to create awareness of your advocacy such as greener environment, paperless office, and autism awareness, then use earrings. Distribute to your community, let them wear and flaunt it.
What Type of Earrings Will You Use?

12. The most common is piercing the ears. Baby girls are usually inserted earrings as early as a month old since it can heal easily without the baby touching it.
13. Some prefer to use clip-ons or screw back earrings than can be securely fitted to the ear lobe by tightening the screw.
14. There is also a magnetic earrings (a unique variety) which has two pieces (for front and back).
15. If you prefer to attend gatherings and formal occasions dangle earrings is your best choice. It can be clip-on especially when it is quite big or full of gemstones or it can be pierced.
16. If you love oval or round shapes, hoop earrings is your best bet. Choose the size and design the can complement the shape of your face.
17. If you are adventurous, you can use ear thread earrings or needle charms earrings. It can be made of plastic, silver, and gold.
18. If you do not regularly use earrings (just like me) then there are stick-on (sticker) earrings. It make us of peel pn adhesive strips and use for special occasions such as product launch, victory parties, or even birthday celebration.
19. If you want to be unique without getting weird, choose ear cuff earrings. This is made of metal or plastic that is curved or bended and clip to any parts of your ear (left or right).

Does Size Matter? (The Bigger the Better?)

Earrings have different sizes, textures, fashion relevance, and purposes. It can be for ornamental purposes or use an earring to your preferences, make a statement, join an advocacy, or you just want to wear it – period! You can wear small, big, or none at all. Just be sure you practice cleanliness and care in wearing those precious (at least for you) earrings.