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19 Things You (Do NOT) Know About Earrings

If you were asked to define earring without asking Mr. Google or Ms. Wikipedia, I’m sure you can. An earring is a piece of jewellery attached to the ear or to another external part of the ear – unlike clip earrings which are attached to the ear lobe.There are various ways an earring is used, that is your option and for whatever reason – you can. Nobody will question your preference and regardless of the size (like a pen, spoon, or a key) as long as you can carry it – with poise and fashion (of course).

What else do you not know about earrings? You might be surprised but there are astonishing facts and surprising descriptions that will enhance your knowledge and change your opinion about earrings. Enjoy the different takes from superstitious belief to symbolism and for the sake of fashion.

Hard Truths and Funny Impressions From the Past

In the earlier (yeah – the once upon a time) days earrings were used by men as an ornament (even in those days, some men are vain). It is also worn to show the hierarchy (higher class) of the user and this is a common practice in Siam Hill Tribes Egypt and Assyria. Social status symbol: slaves wear earrings (as markings) in ancient Rome while prostitutes wear earrings for embellishments in ancient Greece. Pearls (even to this day) were used by the rich to showcase their social status. For the affluent ladies from Greek and Roman empire,aside from pearls they are also wearing precious stones such as garnet, topaz, and sapphires.

4. The Catholic church stopped the use of earrings in the Middle Ages as any physical altercation (including ear piercing) is against the belief that a person is created in the image of God. BUT some (as expected) display disobedience by continued use of earrings. These are the famous pirates, thieves, and some lower class men (or even women).
5. Middle East started ear piercing in early 3,000 B.C. It was actually worn to show an outlander the identity of the wearer, such as the religious beliefs, political affiliation, and more importantly the social status. An earring can actually tell a story of the wearer.
6. Earrings are social labels. It can give a clear separation between pride and self-regard of those who are affluent, and those in the lower class which are branded as inferior or are forced to feel shame.

Why Use an Earring?
People of different backgrounds have their own unique way and convincing reasons to use earrings in expressing their views.

7. In earlier times, thieves used to wear earrings to show their aversion towards their people and the community. A pirate wearing an earring means he looted a ship – how frightening is that?
8. Ever wonder how boys were told to wear earrings? When a boy’s father is killed, his mother (now single) will put the earring on his left ear. If he is the only son, he is required to put the earring to his right ear.
9. The bloodline is preserved when a man (the last in his family) will wear earrings on both ears. He is also prohibited (by all means – as neighbors closely watches his move) to participate in war that can possibly eliminate his genealogy forever.

10. Today, we use earrings as accessories and for ornamental purposes – as what fashion dictates. It will aso showcase our preferences in art by the choices of materials we used. As earrings can be made of precious stones, metals, silver, gold, wood, and ceramics.
11. If you want to create awareness of your advocacy such as greener environment, paperless office, and autism awareness, then use earrings. Distribute to your community, let them wear and flaunt it.
What Type of Earrings Will You Use?

12. The most common is piercing the ears. Baby girls are usually inserted earrings as early as a month old since it can heal easily without the baby touching it.
13. Some prefer to use clip-ons or screw back earrings than can be securely fitted to the ear lobe by tightening the screw.
14. There is also a magnetic earrings (a unique variety) which has two pieces (for front and back).
15. If you prefer to attend gatherings and formal occasions dangle earrings is your best choice. It can be clip-on especially when it is quite big or full of gemstones or it can be pierced.
16. If you love oval or round shapes, hoop earrings is your best bet. Choose the size and design the can complement the shape of your face.
17. If you are adventurous, you can use ear thread earrings or needle charms earrings. It can be made of plastic, silver, and gold.
18. If you do not regularly use earrings (just like me) then there are stick-on (sticker) earrings. It make us of peel pn adhesive strips and use for special occasions such as product launch, victory parties, or even birthday celebration.
19. If you want to be unique without getting weird, choose ear cuff earrings. This is made of metal or plastic that is curved or bended and clip to any parts of your ear (left or right).

Does Size Matter? (The Bigger the Better?)

Earrings have different sizes, textures, fashion relevance, and purposes. It can be for ornamental purposes or use an earring to your preferences, make a statement, join an advocacy, or you just want to wear it – period! You can wear small, big, or none at all. Just be sure you practice cleanliness and care in wearing those precious (at least for you) earrings.

House And Home | upscale interior designs

A basement is like having an extra house and can be used in so many ways. The cost of redoing the basement into useful or extra space can be kept at a minimum with thoughtful planning. office fitouts When considering the cost, think of the investment as adding value to your home and the usefulness of wasted space. By adding insulation, wall structure, carpeting and heating to this area, it will naturally make your home warmer in the colder months and cooler in the summer months because of the insulation. Ceiling fans will keep the air circulated and evenly distributed throughout the area.

The possibilities of adding a room or dividing it into individual rooms is only limited by your imagination. Some rooms to consider are; Teen den where young adults can invite friends over for different occasions. This could be a semi-private “get away”, for them to enjoy while being safe at home with adult supervision. After insulation of the area, gypsum board, Sheetrock, or paneling can be applied to the walls. This can be painted earth tones so that extra furniture can be added with no additional cost, most teens like to sit on the floor and big, soft over sized pillows could be added. Area rugs are another fun option and some funky, shag area rugs would be ideal as to would be some animal print rugs.

You can save money by letting the teens create their own design by using a hot glue gun and blue jeans that they have outgrown or have holes in the knees. Carpeting with good padding can be added to the floors but should be easy to clean. A small bathroom should be added with only a sink and commode. A television viewing area, game area, an area to dance and listen to music, or by adding an area to exercise or lift weights will be all that is needed to make an area in the basement the perfect “getaway” for a teen.

The basement would be an ideal place to add that spa you have always dreamed of. An indoor hot tub or a Jacuzzi, add some candles, and music and you have your own little world, free from stress. This room can be designed very simply by adding soft lighting, aromatherapy, music and a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. You can do yoga techniques before or after a relaxing moment in the hot tub or Jacuzzi. You may want to have a place to read, do daily exercise, sew, knit or crochet. This room can be the private “get away” you have been looking for.

A basement room can be divided into separate areas for all the family to enjoy. Make an area just for the man of the house. He too needs to relax after a long day. He can enjoy his quiet time in the hot tub or Jacuzzi, read, watch a movie on television or just sit in his comfortable chair and read the newspaper. He could enjoy a quiet area to work at the computer. Basements areas are usually as large as the house is and can be divided into several small rooms which could include an extra bedroom and 1/2 bath, teen den, mom’s spa or sewing room and dad’s private office or area of relaxation. The possibilities are many and can add comfort, warmth, serenity, togetherness, and value to your home.

Carpet Cleaning Basics You Should Always Remember

A carpet is a great accessory which can instantly boost the overall appearance and ambiance in a room. Sadly, it can get dirty and filthy quite often, particularly if you do not know how to properly go about it. Carpet cleaning is a task which every homeowner should master in order to properly maintain and take care of the carpet.

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Knowing just what to do in order to clean the carpet should be on the to-do list of every carpet owner. It will help maintain the appearance of your carpet as well as contribute in maintaining its quality and condition. If you want to find out what are some of the basics of cleaning your carpet at home be sure to check out the guide below.

  • Vacuuming is one of the most important things when you own a carpet. Vacuuming will remove the dust, dirt, and unwanted particles that make your carpet look ugly and filthy. Regular vacuuming is always recommended in order to avoid having dust and dirt build-up which can harm your carpet in the long run.
    • When vacuuming, try to divide the carpet into different quadrants and vacuum from one quadrant to the other until you are completely finished. By dividing the carpet into quadrants, you will be able to better manage vacuuming the carpet and you won’t make be dirtying the areas of the carpet which you have already gone over. This way, you will have better results and an easier time going about this task.
    • Moving the furniture around when vacuuming is vital in order to get your carpet clean entirely. This is in order that all the portion of the carpet are cleaned, not just the exposed areas. The carpet area underneath the furniture can become filthy and be more prone to build-up if you don’t clean it properly thus you may have a problem with its condition and quality in the long run.
    • Cleaning up the spills and stains on the carpet should be done immediately. The faster you clean the carpet stains and messes, the better. This is because if you wait a long time before cleaning it up, it could get deeper into the carpet and resulting in it becoming quite difficult to clean up.

Carpet cleaning is important if you want your carpet to remain clean and in tip top shape. Be sure to remember these carpet cleaning basics so that you will be able to better take care of your carpet at home.

Best Diet Tips That Works

Thinking to start a diet is the most difficult task to do but when you start it, it will be very easy for you with the passage of time. Things in motion are a good because moving leads to all objects in motion and rest leads to all the objects in rest. Same is the case with dieting because it will lead you towards the healthy life throughout your life and you will do things in a healthy an positive manner. Visi us and Buy online from NHS Heroe’s at today. Here are some diet tips which you have to follow and that works well.

  • Ignore mayonnaise and use mustard on your sandwiches because mayo has lots of fat but mustard has no fat at all.
  • Don’t think that you will start your dieting tomorrow, star it today and mark it on calendar to remember which date you have decided to do the healthy things. The reason behind it is that if you mark an actual date then it means that your goal is defined but if you say tomorrow, it means that doubt is always there.
  • While setting your goal towards diet, you can tell one person whom you think that he/she would rub-it-in if you failed because it’s good to know the circumstances of anything in your life. You can do it better when you get to hear the result or output of it. You know that you have a reason which is very valid regarding losing your weight and you have no back out. You have to complete it at any cost otherwise it will be embarrassing if you quit it.
  • Before starting the diet, it is important to get a scale because you need to know what is your current weight and then you have to define the goal weight. Through scale you will have an idea about your current weight and where you want to be after diet. Then the thing left will be the effort you are going to put on in your diet so you should have your goal defined in any journey.
  • Your body is like your temple of your soul so you should always think about your health first and should do efforts to improve it. It should be not on the low priority things in your life. Living healthy lifestyle should always be with you no matter wherever you go. Making money is no doubt an important thing for a good living but remember that you don’t have to be the richest person in the graveyard so do efforts to improve your health for a better lifestyle.
  • The best exercise is walking and do it regularly to see the changes in your waist. Avoid lifts and elevators. Park cars far away from the place you want to go and walk till the end of the gate. Take stairs instead of elevators. You can do little changes which added a lot of good things to your life.
  • It is better to switch to diet soft drinks because an average drink has 120 calories if you go for 12 Oz can. But the diet version has one or zero so prefer diet drinks because if you normally take 3 drinks in a day then it means you can save 360 calories in one day. Wow isn’t it the right thing to do? If you are no convinced with it then calculate these calories with 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year and you will quit it immediately.
  • No doubt we always look for easy way out and that why we go for 48 hour miracle diets. Honestly these are waste of time and money too because they work by dehydrating your body and when you quit them, all your weight will come back in less than 48 hours so avoid these miracle diets.
  • If you hire a personal fitness trainer, then it is a best choice. They can better tell you about the things you need to eat and also about the exercises in a proper way. Also they watch on you whether you are doing your work properly or not.

Important Tips towards Successful Home Renovations and Extensions

If there is one thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to home renovations and extensions, it is that the project can get overwhelming. The extent of the work that you need to do and the effort that you need to exert can sometimes be a little too much. This is why before you decide to take on such a very challenging task; you need to know exactly what you are getting into.

Plan ahead: It does not hurt for you to get everything laid out ahead of time before you start the whole task. Most of the time, people just decide that they want to remodel their homes or they want to improve parts of it without really pondering on how crucial the decision is. It is going to affect you hugely on the financial front too. So, you just have to be ready for everything.

Think of the big picture: it is often one’s myopic view of how the whole thing should be done that might be the perfect recipe for a disaster, if you plan on adding a deck to your home or you want to add another room, see to it that you have considered how this is going to affect the overall look of the house. The last thing you want is an extension that looks more like a glaring sore thumb rather than a complementary addition to the unit.

Find the right professionals: This is certainly not a task that you would want to tackle all by yourself. This is especially true for those projects that are considerably larger in scale. You need the right remodelers. Look for local contractors. Their accessibility will be a huge advantage for you. The fact that they are more conscious at pleasing every local client they assist is going to be a huge bonus for calling them in as well.

See them at work: Of course, you want to see the people that you are going to hire at work to ascertain if these are the kind of remodelers that you would not mind having to work with. If they are currently working on a job, then visit the site. Make sure that you visit unannounced too so you get to see how they do things the way they do it and not one that is staged for your viewing pleasure.

Set a budget but have a contingency plan: It is helpful to go into a project like this knowing how much it is exactly that you are willing to spend. You need to know how much you are willing to spend so. But you must not underestimate the costs of having to pay for these kinds of projects too. Having a contingency plan in case, you will go over the figures that you have set is not a bad idea.

Set everything in the contract: it cannot be stressed enough how important it this to have a contract. Everything should be detailed in an agreement in the paper. This will help protect you from contractors that have a tendency to go against their word.

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Tips on How to DIY Interior Car Detailing

If you are fond of maintaining your car and love to do it yourself, you should love the idea of idea of car detailing. Many car owners prefer to have their cars done by professionals, but there are individuals out there that love to scrub, wax, wash and vacuum the car themselves. If you have all the time to do this by yourself, here are some tips on how to detail the interior of your car.

 Remove all the floor mats of your car’s interior. Vacuum all the mats, trunk, floor, rear parcel shelf, upholstery and the dash, if your car has one. Slide your car’s seats forward and then backward when you vacuum thoroughly its carpet underneath. You start your work from up all the way down. Dirt or dust that has accumulated above could fall. Those that have accumulated below rarely goes up at all.
 Clean stains on upholstery or carpet by using a foam cleanser and then rub it in using a sponge or damp cloth. Allow the solution to remain on the stain for a couple of minutes before you blot it dry using a towel. If the stain remains, repeat the same procedure. After you have used the final cleaner, wash the spot using the sponge and do the final blotting. Tip: make sure that you get as much dampness on the cloth as you can. When there is excessive dampness on it, it promotes mildew or molding, which is not what car detailing is about.
 Repair any holes in the carpet, small stains or burns by cutting the affected area using a pair of scissors or a razor blade. Replace this with a piece of which you’ve used to cut from the hidden space, like underneath a seat. Utilize an adhesive that has water-resist in order to keep it in place. Here’s a little warning – if you are using a leased car, make sure you read the contract as to whether or not you are allowed to do the aforementioned. You don’t want to be fined or penalized once you return the car at the end of the contract. You can also ask permission from the owner as well. It is also best that you show them the process of how the whole thing will look like.
 Wash the rubber mats and hang them dry. Use a non-slip dressing once done so that the feet do not slide and slip away while you are trying to do something important while you drive like braking.
 Use detailing brushes and compressed air to get that accumulated dust out of the crevices and buttons on the interior doors and the dashboard.
 Wipe the hard surfaces in the interior using a mild cleaner. After this, use an interior dressing as a finishing.

These are some of the tips that will help you make a thorough car detailing of your vehicle. The process of detailing takes a lot of patience since it will take several hours to complete the interior detailing.

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