Tips on How to DIY Interior Car Detailing

If you are fond of maintaining your car and love to do it yourself, you should love the idea of idea of car detailing. Many car owners prefer to have their cars done by professionals, but there are individuals out there that love to scrub, wax, wash and vacuum the car themselves. If you have all the time to do this by yourself, here are some tips on how to detail the interior of your car.

 Remove all the floor mats of your car’s interior. Vacuum all the mats, trunk, floor, rear parcel shelf, upholstery and the dash, if your car has one. Slide your car’s seats forward and then backward when you vacuum thoroughly its carpet underneath. You start your work from up all the way down. Dirt or dust that has accumulated above could fall. Those that have accumulated below rarely goes up at all.
 Clean stains on upholstery or carpet by using a foam cleanser and then rub it in using a sponge or damp cloth. Allow the solution to remain on the stain for a couple of minutes before you blot it dry using a towel. If the stain remains, repeat the same procedure. After you have used the final cleaner, wash the spot using the sponge and do the final blotting. Tip: make sure that you get as much dampness on the cloth as you can. When there is excessive dampness on it, it promotes mildew or molding, which is not what car detailing is about.
 Repair any holes in the carpet, small stains or burns by cutting the affected area using a pair of scissors or a razor blade. Replace this with a piece of which you’ve used to cut from the hidden space, like underneath a seat. Utilize an adhesive that has water-resist in order to keep it in place. Here’s a little warning – if you are using a leased car, make sure you read the contract as to whether or not you are allowed to do the aforementioned. You don’t want to be fined or penalized once you return the car at the end of the contract. You can also ask permission from the owner as well. It is also best that you show them the process of how the whole thing will look like.
 Wash the rubber mats and hang them dry. Use a non-slip dressing once done so that the feet do not slide and slip away while you are trying to do something important while you drive like braking.
 Use detailing brushes and compressed air to get that accumulated dust out of the crevices and buttons on the interior doors and the dashboard.
 Wipe the hard surfaces in the interior using a mild cleaner. After this, use an interior dressing as a finishing.

These are some of the tips that will help you make a thorough car detailing of your vehicle. The process of detailing takes a lot of patience since it will take several hours to complete the interior detailing.

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